Sludge & Manures

Package Analysis Locations Available
M1 Manure Analysis (Moisture, TKN, NH4-N, P, K)
Liquid samples reported in lbs/1000 gal of N, P2O5, K2O
Solid samples reported in lbs/ton of N, P2O5, K2O
M2 Manure Analysis (M1 plus S, B, Ca, Mg, Na, Fe, Al, Mn, Cu, Zn) TN, VA, IA, PA
M3 Manure Analysis (M2 plus Cd, Cr, Pb, Ni) TN, VA, PA
M4 Manure Analysis (M1 plus Organic N) TN, VA, IA, PA
P Source Coefficient plus % Solids PA
Individual Test Requests: (pH, Ash, Density, Chloride, Soluble Salts, Ammonium Nitrogen, Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio, Nitrate Nitrogen, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Na, Al, Ca, Mg, B, S)
*Call lab for multiple sample/multiple element quote.

Additional methods/tests available upon request. Please contact laboratory for any questions


Package Analysis Locations Available
L4 Lime Test Includes:
Total Neutralizing Value (CCE)
Relative Neutralizing Value or Effective Neutralizing Value
Moisture, Ca, Mg, 10, 40, & 60 mesh sieves
(For different sieve sizes, please contact the lab)
L1 Total Neutralizing Value (CaCO3 Equivalence - CCE) TN, VA, PA
L2 Calcium and Magnesium Content TN, VA, PA
L3 Calcium, Magnesium, Total Neutralizing Value (CCE) TN, VA, PA
L5 Limestone Elemental Analysis (with Ca and Mg)
S, B, P, K, Al, Na, Zn, Fe, Mn and Cu

The following can be added to any of the above packages

Locations Available
Moisture (oven 105° C) TN, VA, PA
Sieve Analysis (per screen size) TN, VA, PA

Heavy Metals

Analysis Method Locations Available
Aluminum (Al) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Antimony (Sb) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Arsenic (As) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Barium (Ba) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Beryllium (Be) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Boron (B) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Cadmium (Cd) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Calcium (Ca) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Cerium (Ce) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Chromium (Cr) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Cobalt (Co) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Copper (Cu) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Iron (Fe) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Lead (Pb) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Magnesium (Mg) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Manganese (Mn) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Mercury (Hg) 7471 TN, VA, PA
Molybdenum (Mo) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Nickel (Ni) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Phosphorus (P) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Potassium (K) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Selenium (Se) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Silica (Si) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Silver (Ag) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Sodium (Na) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Strontium (Sr) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Sulfur (S) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Thallium (Tl) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Tin (Sn) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Vanadium (V) 6010 TN, VA, PA
Zinc (Zn) 6010 TN, VA, PA

For metals needed that are not listed, please inquire.

A digestion charge will be added for less than 3 samples submitted or less than 3 analytes requested.

Fertilizer Analysis

Package Analysis Locations Available
F06 Complete Labeling Package
(Total N, WIN, NO3-N, NH4-N, Avail P2O5, Avail K2O, Total Ca, Mg, S, B, Cl, Cu, Fe, Mn, Na & Zn)
F07 Major Nutrient Labeling Package - Liquids or Solids
(Total N, WIN, NO3-N, NH4-N, Avail P2O5 & Avail K2O)
F01 Total Nitrogen CA, TN, VA, PA
F02 Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) CA, TN, VA, PA
F03 Water Soluble Potash (K2O) CA, TN, VA, PA
F05 Specific Gravity (Liquid Fertilizer, Effluents, etc) CA, TN, VA, PA
Ammoniacal Nitrogen CA, TN, VA, PA
Available Potassium CA, TN, VA, PA
Nitrate Nitrogen CA, TN, VA, PA
Sulfate Sulfur CA, TN, VA, PA
Total N & Available K CA, TN, VA, PA
Total N, Total P & Available K CA, TN, VA, PA
Total Nitrogen & Total Phosphorus CA, TN, VA, PA
Total Phosphorus (P2O5) CA, TN, VA, PA
Water Soluble Iron CA, TN, VA, PA
Water Soluble Magnesium CA, TN, VA, PA
Water Soluble Manganese CA, TN, VA, PA
Fertilizer Chloride CA, TN, VA, PA
Washington Metals Package (As, Cd, Co, Mo, Ni, Pb, Se, Zn, Hg) CA, TN, VA, PA
California Metals Package (As, Cd, Co, Cu, Mo, Ni, Pb, Se, Zn, Hg) TN, VA, PA

Feeds & Forages

Wet Chemistry
Analysis Locations Available
FP1 Moisture, Dry Matter, Crude Protein PA
FP2 FP1 + Crude Fat PA
FP3 FP2 + Crude Fiber PA
FP4 FP3 + Sodium, Calcium, Phosphorus PA
FP5 FP1 + Acid Detergent Fiber, Total Digestible Nutrients, Net Energy PA
FP6 FP5 + Crude Fat, Ash PA
FP7 FP5 + Digestible Protein, Acid Detergent Insoluble Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium PA
FP8 FP7 + Neutral Detergent Fiber, Soluble Protein, Crude Fat, Ash PA
FP9 (Mineral Analysis) Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Sulfur, Copper, Zinc PA
NIR Packages Analysis Locations Available
FPNIR1 Moisture, Dry Matter, Crude Protein, Soluble Protein, Acid Detergent Fiber, Neutral Detergent Fiber, Acid Detergent Insoluble Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Energy, Relative Feed Quality, Relative Feed Value PA
FPNIR2 FPNIR1 + Lignin, Starch, Sugar, Fat, Ash, Sulfur PA
FPNIR3 FPNIR2 + Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility, Volatile Fatty Acids Profile, Kd Rates PA
Individual Analysis Locations Available
Dry Cow (DCAD) PA
Chloride PA
Chloride (as NaCl) PA
Nitrate-N PA
NSC (Starch and Sugar) PA
Mold and Yeast Count PA
Mycotoxin Screen PA
Total Aflatoxin PA
Total Vomitoxin (DON) PA
Protein Dispersibility Index PA
Urease Activity PA
KOH Solubility PA
Calibrate ™ PA

Other testing is available upon request. Please contact the laboratory at 717-656-9326 for answers to any additional questions.